Chalk paint!

Hiya everyone.
Lately I’ve been experimenting with chalk paint. It’s gloriously easy to use!

I have some old furniture which I wanted to update, Only who has time and space to sand down everything ….

So I discovered “Annie sloan” and I’m sold!

Paint on two coats of chalk paint – no prep required. I used an Annie Sloan brush.
Let to dry inbetween. Then once the second coat is fully dry it’s time to wax.

I’ve only tried out the clear wax. Use a muslin to rub it on, you do not need much, if you want an aged look, use a light sandpaper to distress areas. Then apply a second wax coat.

Here is a desk that I’m working on – this shade is Paris Grey.

Hoping to use



Hope you feel inspired …

Hazel Ann xxx

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