Hospital Bag

With less than a month to go until due date – it’s time to do a final repack of my bag for the hospital.

I have been slowly putting it together for a few weeks now.


My list:

pajamas/night shirt

underwear & socks

dressing gown

maternity pads

breast pads

yoga pants and vest

yoga bra

black towels

headphones and phone charger


going home outfit and belly bandit

face wash

spritzer toner


shampoo & conditioner


hair band/ ties/ kirby grips / sock bun

body wash and moisturiser

nipple cream

bottom spray

razor and shave gel

make up essentials

newborn baby vest, sleeper and nappy(diaper) in a zip lock bag.

pregnancy notes

image image image image


I have another bag with all baby essentials in it, another with extras of stuff for me plus antibacterial wipes and flip flops (this is in case of transfer to a large hospital) , and small bags with overnight stuff for my boys and husband.



imageThe place I am hoping to give birth is wonderful , all food is provided so all I am taking is a box of cereal and some juice (this is already in the boot of the car). It’s very much a home away from home so that makes packing much easier.

Hazel-Ann xx

Leave a comment with what you think are your essentials!

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