Top 5 Kindergarten Essentials

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m in complete denial about my kids starting school in a couple weeks (and what’s up Costco, Halloween costumes already?!?) If only I could add on an extra month to the summer holiday, nevertheless, back-to-school season is just around the corner.

Here are the top 5 items TheBoy uses on a daily basis:

1. Thermos FUNtainer 

We’ve purchased a dozen sippy cups over the years but my favourite has to be the Thermos FUNtainer. What I like best is that it keeps drinks super cold, especially during the summer months when the weather heats up. I usually add a few ice cubes in the morning and, according to TheBoy, they’re still there when he eats lunch. It’s also leak-proof with the lid on. 

2. SkipHop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag

Not only are these lunch bags cute, they are the perfect size for any preschooler or kindergartener and are super easy to clean. TheBoy is able to fit both a lunch box (no.3 on my list!) and a small snack box into this lunch bag, albiet rather snuggly. It also comes with a mesh siding that can hold an ice pack, utensils or a napkin. The top handle has a clip which comes in handy if you want to attach it onto another bag. There’s also a write-on name tag inside. 

3. Yumbox Lunchbox 

TheBoy started using a Yumbox last year and so far, we love it. So much so that we now have 3 of them! Not only is the Yumbox fun and colourful, the fact that it holds a good amount of food for a 4/5 year old and is leak proof, is a major plus. The main compartments also come labled (grains, dairy, proteins, fruits & vegetables) which makes lunch prep that much easier. 

The Yumbox comes in both 4- and 6-compartments (we have the 6-compartment boxes because my kids prefer to graze on different foods and rarely eat sandwiches or rice/pasta for lunch). The only downside to the Yumbox would be the price – $37CDN. But considering it’s something I use everyday, I found it to be worth every penny. 

4. Mabel’s Lables

We have been using these lables for a few years now and have no complaints. I have tried using DIY lables but found my ink would smear and the label itself wouldn’t stick well on multiple surfaces. Mables Lables come with specific lables for clothes, shoes and general surfaces. Three years later, every lable is still intact.

5. Ultimate Mom’s Calendar 

I’ve purchased this calendar twice now but haven’t used it as often as I would have liked. The monthly images are cute and what I especially like are the large planning spaces, chore chart and sticker reminders. It also comes with a heavy duty magnet which is nice considering how big the calendar is. There are also various sizes you can buy. I purchased the largest size as I will be asking TheBoy to help jot down school events so he will be responsible for reminding me of them. (I might have forgotten a couple last year 🙄…oops!)

So there you have it, our family’s top 5 back to school items. What are some of your essential back to school items? 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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