Tricia: Journaling is good for the soul!

Do you journal? This is something that I’ve done on and off over the years, but haven’t stuck to consistently. In 2015 on my birthday I committed to daily journaling and, of course, giving myself grace for the days that I miss (and yes there have been a few). The days when I am able … More Tricia: Journaling is good for the soul!

We are blessed!

There are moments, perhaps seasons in our lives when all of a sudden we want more. We want a bigger kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, backyard, home, car, etc. Websites like Pinterest don’t help either. In fact it makes us crave these things even more if we are not careful. My friend was in Africa … More We are blessed!

Hello December!

Can you believe that it’s already December 1st? For many the official countdown till Christmas begins today. Before this season comes and goes quicker than two blinks, I think now is the time to stop, reflect and cherish each moment during this often busy time. How does one do this you may ask? Well it’s … More Hello December!