[Family Friday] Our 3 Favourite Bible Apps

If you have a child and if you have an iPad, it’s safe to say that at some point, both have met. 

When my boys first discovered my iPad, I had made sure to not only download educational apps, but many Bible apps as well. The boys, who are now 4 and 2, love reading and listening to Bible stories on their iPad.   

Just the other day, after putting my 6 month old down for a nap, I found the boys in their bedroom hovered over their iPad, listening to the parable of the lost sheep. What I loved was hearing them discuss why the one sheep was lost in the first place and seeing them giggle together at the cute animations. 

It warms my heart to watch my kids fall in love with God’s Word. 

If you have young children at home and are looking for ways to nurture their growing desire for Jesus, check out 3 of my boys’ favourite Bible apps:

1. Bible for Kids

– 41 FREE bible stories

– read aloud option 

– colourful illustrations 

– touch animations on every screen (which my toddler loves!)

– available on mobile phones and tablets

– fun challenges for kids to complete 

2. Tiny Truths

– $2.79/story, 3 stories total [Zacchaeus is currently FREE until the end of the month so go download it!]

– read aloud option

– colourful (and super cute!) illustrations 

– touch animations 

– available on mobile phones and tablets 

– extra crafts available on their website http://www.tinytruthstories.com/

3. Beginners Bible 

– first 6 stories FREE then $1.99/story pack 

– read aloud option 

– colourful illustrations

– touch animation 

– only available on the ipad

– fun games and colouring pages 

I know there are many bible apps for kids but these three are the ones my kids use most. Do you have a bible app that your kids enjoy? If so, which one is it? 

Happy Friday, friends! 


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